Terrenon, Inc.

We have taken our own good advice and retired!

Well, almost.

Since Terrenon is a registered investment advisor (and a fiduciary), it would not be very nice if we just up and quit and left all of our clients in the lurch. Nope, we would not do that. Terrenon searched for a financial advisor that shares our values and principles. We wanted a transition that would be as smooth as a baby’s softest parts. We found that company in SterlingEdgeFinancial. We are transitioning clients over every day. We are making sure all the introductions are made and the comfort level is high. No questions go unanswered or left unattended. Our goal is to make this transition unmemorable.

So, it’s taking a while for us to find that sandy beach, but that’s ok. Our clients have been great and we sincerely thank them for the privilege of servicing them over these many years. Terrenon will be around for a few more months to answer any questions or offer clarifications as to past activities or decisions. In the meantime, I’ll be trying on some of those tropical shirts in my closet.